Cintinix Corporation dba Lithronix was found in 2003. After decades working in the industrial printing field, including Komori America and HRB, father and son decided to open their own business. Specialists in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Services, as well as the exclusive troubleshooting knowledge gave them the confidence to work on their American Dream. 

Today, 14 years later, Lithronix is in the best business shape that has ever been. It keeps growing as a company and expanding its business on six continents, providing quality technical support and original spare parts.

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Nikolay Stankov

Nikolay Stankov is founder and President of Lithronix. 

He is specialized and experienced in Electronic, Electrical and Mechanical Service with X-Rite and Komori. He’s been working and training in Mexico, Japan, Germany and USA, including Toride Factory and KAC training. With over 30 years of superior electrical troubleshooting experience, you can count on the professionalism of Nikolay, who always strives for perfection.

Out of work, he is a dedicated husband, son and a father of twin girls. He’s passionate fan of Apple, new technologies, as well as latin dances and culture. In his free time you can find him volunteering actively in the Bulgarian Association of Cincinnati. 

As the rest of our team he speaks more than one language - English, Spanish and Bulgarian.


Peter Stankov is a Cofounder and Vice President of Lithronix. 

Prior coming to America and cofounding Lithronix with his son, he was a Manager in an  Electrical Service Company Devision in Bulgaria for five years. From 1969 until 1994 he was working as a Pressroom Maintenance. After 25 years in the Polygraphy, he opened his own company - Stanko- Electric, in 1994.

In 1999 Peter joined at a Technician the largest Komori Dealer U. S. A. 

Peter's biography is full with colorful and unordinary life, that can be described in a book.

Today, he is settled down, but still helping the company with his expended knowledge and unconventional thinking. 



Galina Koller

Prior Lithronix, Galina was working as a Webmaster and Online Sales Manager. She first came to U.S.A. in 2011 from Bulgaria and started as Office Manager at Lithronix the same year. Her versatile skill set, years of experience in customer service and love for technology gave her a new field for growth in our company.

Now, Galina is the Operation Manager at Lithronix. She's also the Designer, Photographer and Creator of the company website. 

In her free time she loves to travel, spend time with family and friends, and play with her French Bulldog Henry. She may also be found in her woodworking space, making art or taking photographs.


Vesela Ness

Vesela Ness joined The Lithronix’s team in March 2017, bringing her passion for numbers with her. 

Her current position as a General Accountant presides 3+ (three) years experience in the hospitality business as an AR Accountant. Loves to work with people and to build long lasting business relations, which she thinks is the key to a successful business and happy clients.

Her spare time she spends with her three energetic boys (age 9, 6 and 47), traveling as much as possible and working on successfully finishing her first 10K race.