Shipping Times

We ship Monday through Friday. 

All orders received after 12:30 pm EST will  be shipped next business day.

Shipping Insurance            

Our goal is to keep improving our efficiency and always provide a great service, as well as the best solutions for our customers. Many of ours established clients have better shipping rates with UPS and FedEx. That's why we also offer to use the customers shipping accounts when we ship. 

Whether you have or not shipping account, we recommend you to consider declared value coverage when an item costs more than a $100. We are doing our best to pack everything as good as possible. However if for some reason your item is lost or damaged and you haven't declared the full value of your item, the UPS/FedEx/USPS liability is limited to US $100, thus you will be reimbursed only for $100 from the carrier company.

Please also note that USPS the maximum insured amount allowed is $400. For all packages over $400 please select UPS or FedEx shipping options!

For more information regarding carriers liability, please visit: